Guaranteed Departure Tours 2023

Classical Baltics: Vilnius - Riga - Tallinn 

Tours that offer you a wonderful chance to visit all three BALTIC STATES - Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. An 8-day guided coach tour, starting on Saturdays in Vilnius and ending the following Saturday in Tallinn.

Classical Baltics: Vilnius - Riga - Tallinn  (English)

Classical Baltics: Vilnius - Riga - Tallinn  (German)

Our high quality 8 day escorted coach tour brings the participants to the capitals of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia
while visiting historical sights, castles and caves during the tour and staying in quality hotels.

The Guaranteed departure tours introduce its participants to the history, culture and gastronomy of the region.


All guided tours are available in English and German, while we offer two in Italian language as well.

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