Name Location Date   Pax   Service
10th International Baltic Sports Medicine Congress Riga April 20-21 450 Full service
8th Latvian Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, 2nd Baltic Country Colposcopy Conference, 1st Baltic Conference of Gynecological Endoscopy Riga April 18-21 600 Full service
7th Baltic Otorhinolaryngology Congress Riga June 7-9 450 Full service
4th Annual International Conference of the Regional Anaesthesia Society Jurmala May 11-12 100 Full service
9th Albert Netter Days 2018 Riga November 1-3 200-250 Full service
Society Health Welfare 2018 Riga October 10-12 200 Social program, Registration & Abstracts
6th European Expert Meeting on Rotavirus Vaccination (EEROVAC) for the first time joined together with Rotavirus Molecular Biology Group meeting Riga April 23-26 400 Full service
12th AIPPI Baltic conference Jurmala April 11-13 150  Full service 
14th conference of Baltic Child Neurology association Riga May 18-20 150 Full service
5th Berec Stakeholder's Forum Brussels October 18 260 Full service
Children's Health Day 2017 Riga November 10 350 Full service
6th National Congress of the Latvian Society of Anaesthesiology and Reanimatology Ventspils December 8-9 400 Full service
First Baltic Sea Symposium on Simulation and Virtual Reality for Education in Health Care and Patient Safety  Riga February 4-6 220 Full service
First educational course in paediatric radiology in Riga „Tips, Tricks and Pearls in Paediatric Radiology”  Riga February 17-19 150 Full service
Infections of the musculoskeletal system  Riga April 15 100 Full service
2nd International BSRA conference  Kaunas May 13-14 150 Full service
8th National Conference of Traumatology and Orthopaedics  Riga May 14 150 Full service
Baltic Congress of Radiology  Liepaja October 6-8 600 Full service
4th Berec Stakeholder's Forum Brussels October 17 230 Full service
Childrens Health Days 2016  Riga November 4-5 315 Full service
6th International Interdicsiplinary Scientific Conference "Society Health Welfare"  Riga November 23-25 200 Full service
2nd Baltic EAU Meeting Riga May 29-30 250 Full service
15th IOBC Meeting Riga June 7-11 150 Full service
Euroson School CEUS update Abdominal and non-abdominal applications Riga June 12-13 150 Full service
Baltic Conference of Regional Anaesthesia Riga June 20 100 Full service
3rd Baltic Paediatric Congress Riga August 19-21 600 Full service
4th Baltic & North Sea Conference on Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Riga September 16-18 450 Full service
3rd BEREC Stakeholder's Forum Brussels October 15 160 Full service
9th ESIDOG / 1st ISIDOG European Conference Riga Oct 29 - Nov 1 300 Full service

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